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Former Glory

You may have always had a rocking horse, inherited one or perhaps you’ve have bought an old dilapidated horse and want to restore them to their former glory. Whatever the reason you want to have your rocking horse repaired, Mr Hignett’s Horses can help. We can either repair your horse to look almost new, or we can conserve the horse and replace like with like to keep the feel of the orignal with all the tell tale signs of the story of your horse.

We want to make the horse as pleasing to you as possible, so we are happy to add some personal touches. But we will always offer friendly advice about how changes to the horse, for example re-gessoing, may affect its value. We would only make such changes this where it is absolutely essential. Often the rocking horse has been re-coated with something else, like paint or filler, and we can carefuly remove this to reveal the original pattern, which will also help to identify the original maker.

What We Need

Rocking horse under restoration

In order to help you and give you the result that you are looking for, we first need to have some photographs of your rocking horse.

Please include snaps of the whole horse and not just the areas of concern as this will helps us work out who the maker was and how well the horse will have been put together. When we have some photoghraphs we will give you a ballpark figure for the work you want. If you are agreeable to this we will arrange collection and give you a firm price once we have thoroughly examined the horse.


Typical Prices

For a large horse we charge the following:

  • New mane and tail


  • New saddle


  • New bridle


  • Loose leg


  • Lost ears


  • Loose stand


  • Remove overgesso with a scalpel


  • Re-gesso where original is unrecoverable


  • Collection and delivery up to 100 miles


Generally more than one of the above will apply, so a large horse in poor condition would cost roughly £1,500 to completely restore. Please fill in the form below and attach your photographs

Rocking horse under restoration being cleaned

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