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We make high quality hand made rocking horses in Bedfordshire, England using the finest materials and traditional techniques.

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From a humble home workshop in Victorian Liverpool to the Titanic, Hignett’s rocking horses have a grand and storied history.

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The Process

How we work

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Hand crafted

Traditional, handcarved wooden rocking horses made from seasoned poplar and ash.

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Uniquely painted

Our rocking horses are uniquely painted and have been finished to the same pattern since 1899.

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Highest quality

The tack is made from high quality vegetable tanned leather and the fittings are made from brass.

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What people say

A customer posing with their rocking horse at home

    Beautifully finished, she is a charming addition to any home. A proper horse, but of modest stature, she has found stabling in a relatively small house.


    Anne is a beautiful friend.

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